• Huge Inventory&From Our Stock To Your Dock — Fast!
    Huge Inventory&From Our Stock To Your Dock — Fast!:All Ningji Yuli fittings are manufactured to the highest standards, meeting S.A.E. and international specifications. We carry roughly 2 times more hydraulic adapter and fitting inventory than our competitors. From the time we receive your order until it arrives at your facility, we’re committed to meeting your deadlines and delivery requirements. Our goal is to provide your fittings as fast as possible — which also helps you keep your inventories and freight costs low.

  • Really Rust Resistant-CR3

    Really Rust Resistant-CR3:Ningji Yuli’s standard Trivalent CR3TM plating performs at nearly double the S.A.E. corrosion resistance requirement. This plating is silver in appearance and has been tested at 120 hours to white rust and 240 hours to red rust.


    Standard&OEM:Because we specialize in hydraulic adapter and fitting, we can offer you more…not just more products, but more knowledge about those products. Our years of experience and technical expertise go a long way toward helping you choose the right fittings for your applications.

    High Quality

    High Quality:First and foremost, quality is what sets Ningji Yuli apart from other hydraulic adapters and fitting sources. Since 2004, Ningji Yuli has provided companies throughout the world with the highest-quality. What’s changed over the years is the number of products we offer and the ways we get those products into the hands of our customers.



From it’s founding in 2002 as Fenghua YULI hydraulic parts Factory. Ningbo Ningji Yuli equipment now glow into as hydraulic industry leader in China.
We are a manufacturer specializes in producing and developing SAE, WINNER standard of hydraulic components and engineering machinery parts.


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