What is the adapter and what is it for?

- May 15, 2018 -

Adapters, generally speaking, are an accessory that acts as an intermediate connection. The role of using this accessory is to simplify the host's hardware design and increase the host's versatility and flexibility.

For example: The graphics card is the most used adapter, because we can see too many types of monitors, their resolution and refresh rate will be different, if you allow the display output port on the motherboard for various Types of monitors are ready for different output signals, and I'm afraid that this circuit board will be bigger than the motherboard, and this motherboard will be able to use a maximum of several types of monitors for the lifetime, and the excess will be wasted, so people Agreed to reach a consensus: The mainboard only provides display interfaces. A specific display type is used to create a separate display card to form a hardware connection form such as a motherboard-display card-display. This saves the circuit of the mainboard and can be adapted to the display by replacing the display card as needed. Needs. This display card is also called a display adapter.

  • Ferrule for SAE 100 R2AT hydraulic ferrule
  • Internal Hex Port Plug hydraulic adapter
  • 45° Bulkhead Elbow with Locknut hydraulic adapter
  • Male Jic to Male Pipe Bulkhead tube fitting
  • Union Male Tee hydraulic fitting
  • Stud Straight Long hydraulic adapter

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