Assembly of ferrule fittings

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Assembly of ferrule fittings

(1) pre-installed

① the most important part of the prefabricated pipe fittings, a direct impact on the reliability of the seal. Generally require a dedicated pre-device. Small diameter pipe joints can be pre-installed on the vise. The specific approach is to use a joint as a parent, the nut, ferrule can be pressed to the tube. The main card straight through the pipe joints, straight through the card sets of the first type, the three-way pipe fittings and other types. I found that, even if the same factory a number of goods, these joints are often the depth of the tapered hole is not the same, resulting in a leak, and this problem is often overlooked. The correct approach is that the tube end of what kind of connector body connection, the corresponding connector is pre-installed with the same type of connector, so as to minimize the problem of leakage.

② pipe end should be flush. After sawing, the pipe should be polished flush on the grinding wheel and other tools, and remove the burr, clean and use high-pressure air before use.

③ pre-installed, should try to maintain the coaxiality of the tube and the connector body, if the tube is too large deflection can cause seal failure.

④ The pre-loading force should not be too large. The inner edge of the ferrule just fits into the outer wall of the tube. The ferrule should not be obviously deformed. In the pipeline connection, then the provisions of the tightening force assembly. ф6-1 card sets of tightening force 64-1 15n, 16фmmr 259n, ф18mm for the 450n. If the pre-installed sleeve deformation serious, will lose the sealing effect.

(2). Do not add sealant and other packing materials. Someone in order to achieve a better sealing effect, apply a sealant on the ferrule, as a result, the sealant is washed into the hydraulic system, causing the clogging of the nipple of the hydraulic component.

(3). When connecting the pipeline, the pipe should have enough deformation allowance to avoid stretching the pipe.

(4). When connecting the pipeline, it should be avoided to be subject to lateral force, lateral force caused by the General Assembly lax sealing.

(5). When connecting the pipeline, should be a one-time, to avoid multiple disassembly, otherwise it will make the sealing performance worse.

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