Determine tube length

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Determine tube length

(1) According to the fixed piping route determined in Article 8.2, the length of the pipe shall be measured at the site and attention shall be paid to the influence of the radius of the pipe bend;

(2) Take into account the influence of different types of pipe fittings on the pipeline;

(3) The length of the pipe should be determined section by section, cut off and pre-installed to facilitate the on-site adjustment according to the actual situation. If the pipe is cut off all at once and the accumulated error occurs, the piping will be difficult;

(4) cut the short tube to make every effort to use the need for short tube place, if necessary, can be used straight pipe joints then long, but the pipe joints should be less should not be more.

  • Jic Female 74 Cone Seat hydraulic hose fittings
  • Stainless Steel Bulkhead Union Locknut hose fitting
  • 45° Straight Thread Elbow hydraulic adapter
  • 45° Jic Swivel Elbow hydraulic fitting
  • Female Bulkhead Connector hydraulic adapter
  • Female Npt Connector pipe fitting

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