High pressure hose connector installation precautions

- Feb 05, 2018 -

High pressure hose connector installation precautions

(1) The hose shall not be bent too much or be bent at the root, at least 1.5 times its diameter when it is moving or stationary;

(2) hose should not pull too tight when it moves to the extreme position, it should be relatively loose;

(3) try to avoid the hose torsion deformation;

(4) Hose away from the heat radiation components as much as possible, the necessary fashion insulation board;

(5) Should avoid external hose damage, such as the use of the same surface with the long-term friction and so on;

(6) If the hose caused by excessive weight deformation, there should be supporting pieces.

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  • 90° Straight Thread Hose Fitting hose fitting
  • Swivel Male Orb hydraulic adapter
  • 90° Union Elbow hydraulic adapter
  • Male Face Seal Plug hydraulic adapter
  • bulkhead straight fitting hydraulic adapter

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