Pipe cut off

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Pipe cut off

(1) cut the pipe by machine tools such as sawing machine or special pipe cutting machine, it is absolutely not allowed to use melt cutting (such as flame cutting) or grinding wheel;

(2) The incision should be smooth, the flatness of the cross section should not exceed 1 mm, and the perpendicularity to the axis of the pipe should not exceed 1 degree;

(3) Use the file, scraper, etc. to remove chips and burrs;

(4) With clean compressed air or other methods to remove debris and rust attached to the pipe.

  • Female Swivel to Male Jic
  • 90° Straight Thread Elbow
  • 45° Male Elbow
  • 90° Union Elbow
  • 90° Male Elbow
  • Orb Stud Straight

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