Pipeline introduction

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Pipeline introduction

(1) Two-line supervisor and branch: Out of the lubrication pump all the way to the inlet of all distributors, the pressure is relatively high. Cold-drawn seamless steel tubes are usually used, the material is 10 or 15 steel. Never use a rusty tube;

(2) to the tubing: From the distributor out to all lubrication points into the oil inlet (bearing oil hole), the pressure is relatively low. Drawn copper tubes are usually used to facilitate piping when bent. There are also used cold drawn seamless steel pipe or stainless steel tube;

(3) encountered in the active parts of the connection with the hose connector.

  • Ferrule for SAE 100 R1AT hydraulic ferrule
  • 90° Straight Thread Elbow hydraulic adapter
  • Straight Thread Connector Long hydraulic adapter
  • Hexagon Female Jic Cap Nut tube fitting
  • Straight Thread Locknut tube fitting
  • Npt 45° Male to Male Elbow hose fitting

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