Pipeline layout requirements

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Pipeline layout requirements

(1) The pipeline should try to avoid high temperature radiation and cooling water spray temperature is too high or too low, especially the hose connector;

(2) Piping should not affect the operation of equipment such as mainframes, it is safe and reliable to facilitate work, observation and maintenance;

(3) Pipe to horizontal and vertical, neat and beautiful. Minimize the corner or bend a small angle, the use of large arc, thereby reducing oil flow resistance;

(4) installation of the conflict, the tube should be small tube, low pressure tube to high pressure tube;

(5) pipes can not touch each other, should be separated by a certain distance;

(6) parallel pipeline joints to be staggered installation, so as not to affect the installation and removal;

(7) Pipeline For the convenience of disassembly and cleaning, live joints should be properly installed, but less used to reduce the possibility of leakage.

  • Female Jic Cap Nut tube fitting
  • Adjustable Orb Union Elbow hose fitting
  • Male Jic Cross tube fitting
  • Swivel Branch Tee tube fitting
  • Straight Thread Plug pipe fitting
  • Sleeve Trivalent Plated hydraulic fitting

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