Quick joints attract the eyes of the public

- Feb 01, 2019 -

Do not install the hydraulic quick connector outside the house, so that the sun exposure will easily cause the quick connector to break, which will lead to water leakage. Therefore, the quick connector should be placed in a place that is better than the sun and ventilated.

Pneumatic quick connectors should not be used near fire sources. Since the materials of the quick connectors are all plastic, they will soften and deform if exposed to high temperatures, so they are prone to problems in future use.

The quick connector is the accessory that needs to be used during the metal connection installation. However, when we use the quick connector, we have not carefully understood the problem that should be paid attention to. There may be many people saying: This is too simple, but do you know? There are a lot of metal connections in the market that are leaking because the quick connectors are not connected, so they can't be sloppy.

Please use the correct pneumatic quick connector for the model, forcing the use of different types of quick connectors, water leakage must occur at the interface.

Do not use excessive force on the joint when using the quick coupling. This may cause the thread to be screwed and water leakage at the interface.

Because the quick connector is in direct contact with the filtered water of the water purifier, the material of the fast home must be environmentally friendly. If a quick connector with inferior material is used, it may cause "secondary pollution" of the filtered water.

Before using the quick connector, carefully check whether the connector is broken or broken. If such a phenomenon occurs at a fast home, it is likely to cause the machine to leak water, or other problems, which may cause hidden dangers for the use of the machine in the future.

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  • Straight Thread Branch Tee tube connector
  • Straight Thread Connector Long hydraulic adapter
  • Orfs Swivel Union tube connector
  • Adjustable Stud Branch Tee pipe fitting
  • 90° Union Elbow hydraulic adapter

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