Select the top five elements of the quick connector

- Feb 13, 2019 -


1. What size quick connector do you need?

2. What kind of port connection is required?


What is the media temperature and ambient temperature?


1. What are the functional requirements for the quick connector? Is the application static or dynamic?

2. Does the application need to connect and disconnect the quick connector under pressure?

3. Do you need an industry-compatible interchangeable quick coupler?

4. Does the application consider airborne impurities and fluid loss issues?

For example, it is necessary to select a quick joint that is suitable for the structure and material of the environment, and consider factors such as humidity, dust, vibration, and corrosion of the environment.


What seals and body materials are compatible with the fluids of the system?

For example, air quick couplings are recommended for steel, and liquid quick couplings are brass or stainless steel.


1. What is the maximum working pressure of the application?

2. What is the maximum pressure drop that the application can withstand?

  • Jic Full Buckle Nut hydraulic ferrule
  • Male to Male Jic 45° Bulkhead Elbow pipe fitting
  • Rigid Orb Union hose fitting
  • Female Bulkhead Connector hydraulic adapter
  • Adjustable Stud Run Tee pipe fitting
  • Male Branch Tee tube connector

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