Sleeve fitting installation

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Sleeve fitting installation

(1) According to the requirements of Chapter 9 need pickling pipe should pickling;

(2) Cut the pipe according to the required length by machine tools such as sawing machine or special pipe cutting machine. It is absolutely not allowed to use cutting (such as flame cutting) or grinding wheel to remove pipe burr, metal chip and dirt; Agents and dirt at the same time also to ensure the roundness of the tube;

(3) Insert the nut and the ferrule successively into the tube, the front edge of the ferrule (the smaller diameter end) is at least 3mm away from the tube mouth, then insert the tube into the cone hole in the body of the ferrule until the top of the ferrule is reached;

(4) slowly tighten the nut, while turning the tube until not moving, then tighten the nut 2/3 ~ 4/3 laps;

(5) Open the inspection card sleeve has been cut into the tube, the location is correct. Cartridge does not allow axial movement, can be slightly rotated;

(6) After checking, re-tighten the nut.

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