The power supply power is not enough to affect the computer

- Sep 20, 2018 -

First, the boot does not respond, it simply does not light the power supply is not enough evaluation level: very serious

If, before the upgrade, the host accessories are not adjusted, it may happen that the power is burned. However, if the upgrade is done after the upgrade, the old and new accessories are connected, and it only appears when the test is turned on. This is likely to indicate that the power supply is seriously insufficient, or even does not match the new platform. There is also a manifestation of this type of fault, that is, sometimes it can be turned on normally, sometimes not, sometimes it can be turned on by pressing the power switch a few times.

In fact, no matter whether you upgraded an accessory or replaced the entire platform, if there is no response when the boot is turned on, that is, if the machine does not light up, it indicates that the power supply used does not match the upgraded new platform. The maximum possible power supply is not enough to support the host to boot. In the face of such a situation, in addition to replacing the power supply, there is basically no other solution.

Second, do not recognize the storage device, the hard disk appears strange sound power supply insufficient evaluation level: serious

When the upgrade of the accessory is completed, and it can be used normally, but sometimes it will stop at the self-test screen after booting. The reason is that one or several IDE / SATA storage devices cannot be started by self-test. One thing is that some storage devices cannot be recognized normally. If you check that the data cable and power supply are properly connected, and that there is no problem with the data cable and the IDE/SATA interface of the motherboard, you may want to put your eyes on the power supply.

three. This kind of failure usually occurs after the player replaces the storage device such as the hard disk drive, or increases the storage device when the power is aging, such as "double hard disk + single optical drive", "single hard disk + optical drive + recorder" "This kind of match. Replacing/increasing the storage device will increase the burden on the power supply itself. In the case of insufficient power, the group of power cables corresponding to the individual storage devices lose power, and the device cannot work normally. It cannot be recognized normally during the power-on self-test. It is very normal.

In addition, with too many storage devices, or the power supply is too low, can not cope with the new storage devices in terms of power supply, and may also cause damage to the storage. Some users find that the hard disk will occasionally make a "giggle" strange sound after the upgrade. The optical drive and the recorder often enter an infinite loop when reading the disk. Only by pressing the exit button to read the disk can the operation be resumed. right. At this time, users must pay attention to this. If this situation continues, the hard disk and other devices may be permanently damaged, because their "abnormal" operation is caused by insufficient power supply. Everyone should try to avoid the hard disk working. Under low voltage environment.

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