Hydraulic Pipe Quick Connector Principle

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Hydraulic pipe quick connector principle

Quick change connector, one is with check valve, one is without check valve. With one-way valve applications, one-way valve connected to the gas source, when disconnected, the one-way valve automatically closes, when connected to the movable end of the thimble to open the check valve. Self-locking is the use of steel balls embedded in the groove at the same time by the "cone --- cylinder" sleeve to lock the ball.

  • Female 37° Jic Swivel hydraulic adapter
  • Adjustable Orb Union Elbow hose fitting
  • Male Jic Union hydraulic adapter
  • Orfs Swivel Union tube connector
  • 90 Swivel Elbow hydraulic adapter
  • 45° Adjustable Stud Elbow tube fitting

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